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The future sound of music

Where engineering meets creativity

We are a group of passionate music enthusiasts and professionals who believe that knowledge should be shared and not hoarded. We want to create an ecosystem that fosters learning and sharing of ideas and skills which ultimately improves the lives we live in.

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Individual workstation

Live session breakdowns

International syllabus 

Centrally Located 

Hands on gears

Portfolio Building

Completion certificate

Pay in easy installment

Industry professionals

Advanced Music Production module

Free Software & plugins to practice

Project files & Stems

Training that makes you the master of your art

Sound engineering is all about the recording, mixing and mastering of audio material. It's an intense profession that requires you to be aware of all aspects of audio. You need to be creative, confident, analytical and organised. STARIO has created 3 courses to teach this essential skillset - Sound engineering, Music production and Musicianship. Each module will be carried out as a separate curriculum by unique faculty from the industry who have been chosen for their vast experience and expertise which is beneficial for up-skilling music students. Our courses will help you to be the next big thing in the music industry!

We focus on providing exceptional training and facilities. Our courses require no prior musical qualification and no upper age limits. The school is equipped with a state of the art Studio and scholars would be offered more studio access to practise hence one does not require an equipment at home to begin with.We aim at providing the best of Audio & music education in order to develop high-level skills in that is required for a successful career in the field.

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