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ADVANCED masterclass

Music Production

3 months | weekly 3 classes

Have you ever wondered what goes into music production? Consider your favorite song. How did such a spectacular and moving piece of art come to be? Is it even realistic for you to compose your own musical masterpieces? You'll never know unless you give it a go! I'd want to assist you with this. This Advanced Masterclass will teach you all you need to know about music production. 

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Build a successful career and bring in your dream revenue

You’ll learn our proven framework to turn your passion into a career while creating location and time freedom. This course is specifically designed for, 

Aspiring Producers

If you make songs that rely on presets, sample loops and want to learn how to create your own sounds with creative freedom.

Song writers

Be your own music producer and bring out exactly what you envisioned for your melody by using the right techniques & tools.


If you are just getting started with music production, are inconsistent with the quality of output and is looking to upskill your production skill.

Sound Engineer

If you wish to produce your compositions by knowing the tools of electronic music production, recording, and synthesizing tools.

Meet your Instructor

Stanley Xavier

Since 2013, Stanley has started working as a sound engineer and music producer on a variety of feature film and indie productions. Along with his friend, he operates a YouTube channel called single by two, which has over 240k followers. He has worked on and produced 600+ projects, with his mashup work becoming a viral success, receiving over 50 million YouTube views in the domain. He also has 200K monthly Spotify and iTunes listeners.
Several industry technicians and celebrities have taken note of his work.
He is now working on his own projects, which he plans to reveal in 2022, along with the music videos.
Stanley has been teaching sound engineering for over four years, making him an ideal instructor for the course.

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Million collective Youtube views


Commercial  Projects Delivered


Monthly listeners on Spotify & Apple Music


Years of Industry experience

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Make real music

Learn, Share & Grow Together

  • Level up your production skills in just 120 days

  • Get the real feel of the entertainment industry

  • Our trusted techniques from insider platform

  • This revolutionary training will alter your perception of music creation.

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