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Sound Engineering, Music production & Musicianship

1 year | weekly 5 classes

 Starting January, 2024

1 Year goes wide, covering the foundations of Music & sound engineering That enables the learner to Produce their own Music as well as specialise in music instrument. It goes deep as you build on the foundational knowledge. Refine and hone your critical listening and mastering skills. Explore and expand your individual skill-set and creative approach as you dig even deeper into the techniques of Music producing, sound designing, mixing, mastering and Film Scoring. This Course takes you further into your creative Music journey. This course also contains full details of practical knowledge about keyboard with its music theory. The syllabus provides a comprehensive and carefully incremented approach to the technical language of music, supported by approachable workbooks. Learners progress their practical playing skill in their own musical style.

This course is a combination of all four- Sound engineering, Electronic Music production, film scoring & Musicianship.

Musicianship -Trinity Guildhall 

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