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Sound Engineering &  music Production 

9 months | weekly 3 classes

Jan & Jun intake every year

The course is suitable and beneficial for students who have a strong interest in the art of sound, music production & film scoring. With the combined knowledge of audio engineering the student will also gain The ability to develop, produce and complete a creative product. Its relatively easy to get a bunch of stock loop tracks happening but not everyone can mould them into a finished, dynamic tune. The course Audio engineering and Music production will provide the necessary skill sets to publish your songs and make a living from your music. It is crucial to have an understanding of composition and arrangement techniques in order to be able to produce good quality music. Hence this course covers topics such as composing, Electronic music production, The essentials of film scoring, Video game scoring, ADs, jingle & etc. As you take on a range of creative roles in different projects, you will gain valuable hands-on experience to be self-sufficient. Here are just a few of the things to look forward to during this course.

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