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Studying at Stario has a lot of perks, but one of the most exciting ones is the opportunity to work with our talented mentors. At Stario, we have an amazing team of faculty and staff, who are all well-experienced professionals in the industry. We believe that you learn more from doing things yourself as compared to learning by listening. This is why we make sure students get ample opportunities to learn from each other as well as from our expertise.

Our Faculties 

Stanley Xavier
Advanced Music Production & Composing 

Stanley’s passion towards music sprouted at a very young age and in fact he started playing the piano at the age of 6. While completing his formal education, he went ahead and completed grade 8 in Digital keyboard-western classicals from the prestigious Trinity college of london with distinction. Additionally he acquainted himself with carnatic music and classical violin.


Owing to his interest in music led him to explore sound at multidisciplinary level. And so he pursed a Diploma in Sound Engineering and Music Production from Soundtech Media institute of Sound technology. Later he worked as a recording engineer, music producer, arranger & mix engineer for various feature films, short films, independent music albums, Commercial Advertisements for renowned personalities in the industry. His credible work in sound mixing has brought him with more than 300 projects.


Together with his expertise on audio technology and music knowledge, he composed and published multiple music projects. He is not only a sound geek also a grossing youtube artist with about 50 million views ! It is suffice to say that Stanley’s work has been appreciated and shared on various social media platforms by notable personalities such as Yuvan shanker raja, Dhivyadharshini (DD) and worked with Pa.Vijay, Ku karthik etc,. With more than a decade of experience in the field of music and sound behind him, he is indeed a commendable mentor.

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Sound Engineering, Mixing & Mastering

Rio began to explore his interest in the field of music at the age of 9. He went ahead and completed Grade-8 in Digital Keyboard, Grade 5 in piano and grade 5 in Theory of music from the prestigious Trinity college of London with distinction.


As soon as he completed his formal education Rio pursued Diploma in Sound Engineering And Music production from KM Music conservatory directed by the distinguished Dr. A.R Rahman himself. He excelled in his academics and advanced himself as a sound technician at KM studios gained potential skills. His expertise knowledge in digital audio workstations such Apple’s LogicPro, Avid ProTools, Ableton Live is laudable. Furthermore he undertook various projects and applied his skills as a sound engineer, music producer, composer for Feature films, short films, commercial advertisements, independent music albums.

In addition he has contributed as a Mix engineer for Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malaysian movies as well as international music albums. He has not only built a successful career as a sound engineer but also shared his immense knowledge in the teaching platform for the past 4 years. Students who have gained valuable knowledge under his guidance are many. His hands on experience in the fields of sound engineering and academic advancements makes him a quintessential tutor.


Adarsh Sekar
Sound Engineering & DJ

Adarsh is a certified Avid Protools trainer who began his journey by completing grade 8 in electric guitar at Trinity College of London, which led him to pursue a Diploma in Sound Engineering And Music Production in Pune. He excelled in College and advanced his career as a sound technician. His knowledge of digital audio workstations such as Avid ProTools and Ableton Live is commendable. In addition, he worked on a variety of projects as a sound engineer, music producer, and composer for short films, commercial advertisements, and independent music albums.

He has not only built a successful career as a sound engineer, but he has also shared his vast knowledge in the classroom for the past three years. Many students have gained valuable knowledge under his tutelage. His practical experience in the fields of sound engineering and academic advancements qualifies him as a first-rate tutor.

Aside from sharing his vast knowledge with students, he is also a performing DJ with extensive real-world experience.

Sound engineering & Music Production

Praveen begins his journey as a music producer at the age of 19 and starts producing electronic dance music (EDM) and lo-fi tracks. He signed his tracks with different record labels located in England, Spain, and Germany and gained over 2 million streams on digital streaming platforms.

He is well-versed in digital audio workstations such as Image-Line's FL Studio and Apple's Logic Pro X and has also worked on various projects doing additional programming, mixing and mastering, and short film scoring.
Furthermore he is also our alumni of the very first batch. He continued to gain knowledge with the help of successful music producers around the world through various platforms  and master classes from the experts. later he started to spread his knowledge as a tutor.



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Ajith Kumar

Ajith  started his music learning  at the age of 14, He is well versed in western classical and other contemporary styles, He also composed & produced lots of devotional projects independently.
He currently runs an educational institute teaching primarily keyboard, piano with several other instruments. being into teaching for about eight years he has sent various students for both practical and theory music exams conducted by trinity college London, with his immense musical knowledge he also teaches students about arranging and composing tricks in both western and Indian methodology 

He is qualified with the following certifications from Trinity College of Music, London - Grade 8 in Digital Keyboard, Grade 8 in Theory of Music.

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